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Best WordPress Membership Plugin to make money with paid content

WP member plugin is a membership plugin for WordPress. The membership plugin is the right thing for newsletters and content sites. This WordPress plugin is a tool for those websites that offer premium content. It is important to know which wordpress membership plugin suits your situation best. The list includes: wordpress membership plugin, Woocommerce membership plugin, Private content or the multilevel content plugin and the membership manager pro plugin.

Absolutely everyone loves the idea of earning money online and making money with the paid content. This becomes possible by simply making a membership website. A wordpress website transforms into a fully fledged functional site for membership. It enables you to get access to download audio and videos, forums, wordpress paid content and also provide support. The membership website offers different levels of wordpress membership. There are a number of membership website solutions that can cause a lot of confusion for the first timers.

P.S. I use the Paid Content Packages Subscriptions  plugin myself; and I strongly recommend it to you.


1. WordPress Membership plugin

Wordpress Membership plugin

WordPress membership plugin is a great tool for those sites that offer premium content. The best quality of the particular plugin is that it is adaptable to a great variety of applications. It is designed in the way to make the content open and can be viewed by any person. The default settings cause the content of the website to be blocked and can be unblocked by the owner as per his own requirements. The design enables you to change its default settings. The default settings of the plugin can be easily altered which means it can block and unblock the content of the page. The plugin works best for blocking and unblocking pages and posts. It is also useful in blocking away posts of individuals.

WordPress membership plugin has an in line registration with the content of the page. It has many powerful administrative features. The subscription of the wordpress membership plugin has an upgrade and downgrade feature with the availability of cancellation. The payment methods are simplified with PayPal and Stripe Payment. The membership plugin allows its customers to have a paid or even free trial membership plan. The profiles of the users can be both private and public. Each plugin has features of its own.

2. Woocommerce Membership Plugin

Wordpress membership plugin (2)

Woocommerce is a membership plugin that allows the user to restrict posts and pages on the website of the owner. It lets you have an unlimited time membership on an online base. It includes silver and golden memberships for the users. It consists of an admin interface that makes it possible for the owner to add or remove members from it manually. One of the greatest features of the Woocommerce membership plugin is that it creates a link between different plans that gets the plans to be automatically assigned to the members.

Memberships are made for particular customers. Membership products are marked in the process. The membership goes through cancellation if the order has been cancelled from the plan web page of the member and it may also get cancelled in a situation when the membership duration reaches its expiry. The activation and deactivation emails of the status of the membership can be sent to the customers automatically. If a user halts the subscription of Woocommerce membership plugin then its membership will also be suspended and if the subscription is cancelled or it has expired, it will cause the membership to expire as well.

3. Private Content or Multi Content Plugin

If you want to restrict the access of certain areas of your Word press membership website then private content of Multi content plugin is what suits you best. The design of this particular membership plugin enables you to decide what a person may see on your website. It can even let you hide the entire content of your website from users. It gives you the facility of adding up multilevel forms for login, features for the management of the users, private pages for the users and the areas totally private to your website. It helps you in restricting pages posts and categories of your website.

The installation of the Private Content or the Multi Content plugin is very easy and actually saves a lot of time. Only one click to lock the entire content of your website is required.  It can be extended and it has a support system in more than one language. The particular WordPress membership plugin has been purchased more than three thousand times and is gaining more popularity with the wordpress paid content.

4. Membership manager Pro

A membership manager pro plugin is considered to be a totally responsible membership plugin that has sign ups and expires all automated. It provides the user to have automated account expiration handling. The features of the membership manager pro also include the presence of built-in manager of news. It facilitates the management of newsletter and has storage for database. It provides the user with the templates of the emails that can be customized according to one’s need. It has a page builder with protection.

The subscription payments use the route of PayPal and Moneybookers. It includes the subscription charges only once. For the easy and useful integration of the users it has a built-in feature for the section of help. It also includes the inbuilt contact form. It does not have a complicated method of working as it only involves the installation and activation of the membership manager pro.

Well, quite many organizations benefit from creating membership websites for their businesses. The above mentioned WordPress membership plugins have different features and each feature meets different needs of users. We cannot identify which one is the best as all of them have characteristics based on various requirements of users and all of them have different needs when it comes to WordPress membership plugin. Whereas main points of consideration when choosing the right membership plugin for your website are: price, ease of use and content dripping.

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