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Personal Blog is a Great Girlfriend Birthday Gift

One of the greatest birthday gifts for a girlfriend is something not so much expected but so much appreciated – a web site or a blog. You need some time and not much money at all to spend in order to make your GF happy. Read below how to make this extraordinary present for your beloved one! Her hobbies and interests will help in choosing the design, as well as the site name.

great girlfriend birthday gift

Suppose your girlfriend is a photographer, her first name is Maria, last name is Clinton, the domain name can be registered, for example, like this:

 The great girlfriend birthday gift requires you to fulfill the following paragraphs:

(1*) Register your domain (web site address) — 10$

(2*) Buy hosting for a year (this is where your website will be living and receiving guests online) — 60$ per year

(3*) Install, firstly, the WordPress platform(this is free), and secondly, a WordPress theme (this is free or premium)

(4*) Tell the GF a name of the site and how to log in to an admin panel of hosting as well as the site. You can even create a beautiful gift card in Photoshop with these data and declarations of love, etc., print it and hand over to your beloved one.

(1*) It is very easy to register a domain name in the service that registers web addresses, check whether it is free (it’s all done by machine), you will only need to print in a desired address, if it is busy – try another, that’s all. Then fill in the data of your GF if you have them, pay and Voila.

(2*) Usually, all the companies that sell web hosting services provide an option to register a domain; use, where you can get both hosting and your site name, and then start administering your web resource.

(3*) Perhaps this is the point which may be a little difficult for a beginner, but we are ready to help you for nothing!

After purchasing a domain name and hosting, it is possible to install the WordPress platform in a web hosting control panel (they may be different). One can say that the WordPress platform is the same as what is under the hood of the car, that you cannot see, and all that you see is called the WordPress template / theme.

Then, once you have installed the WordPress platform, go to the WordPress Dashboard (content management system, where you can create a publication, change the website templates, approve comments, add new features to the site, etc.). From the menu, select “install free theme”, but if you want a paid theme, they look a bit more beautiful (of course, this is not the most important plus of paid themes), then choose the theme for your resource.

The first and second paragraphs do not take more than 15 minutes, if you know what you want; paragraph 3 takes 20-30 minutes. If you have any problems or questions, and you need a quick help, knock us on Skype: skiba0

(4*) And the most important question is what the GF shall do with a blog or website, and if there are advantages of this.

She can do anything at all:

  • Promote herself and her interests
  • Earn money
  • Reach a large number of people to realize any idea
  • Sell anything
  • Advertize anything
  • Become a leader of any Internet niche and create an army of subscribers
  • Communicate with people from anywhere in the world with same interests

The media industry is gaining tremendous momentum, and everyone has a chance to be a big success. Your GF might make either a career of a model or at least a professional photographer, whose name will be glorified in the Internet. In addition, having your own website is a big plus for a CV or a business card.

Thus, this virtual gift on a Birthday will leave the deepest mark on the soul of your girlfriend; you just have to present it correctly and in informative manner.

The great girlfriend birthday gift needs to be supplemented in the form of a bouquet of flowers, of course. Good Luck!

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