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10+ Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes 2016

Statistics suggests that almost 40% of lawyers and jurists don’t have a website. It’s surprising, isn’t it? That’s why we have prepared Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes 2016!

I will give you serious reasons why you should make a refined website and permanently take your stand online. So, we have prepared WordPress templates for a lawyer or jurist, i.e. ready websites designed namely for law firms – all you need to do is set up and change presentation language of the chosen WordPress template to Russian via website control panel.

Four reasons why lawyer and legal expert services demand the online presence

Reason #1. Internet is a place where people find information.

Nowadays, 92% of adults use search engines to find information online. The majority of adults use Internet to find information about local lawyers and jurists. Law firm or law practice that doesn’t have a website is not up to date. This means that if you don’t have a personal website, you will lose a potential client.

Conclusion. A website is needed!

Reason #2. First impression, trust / loyalty and marketing.

Website certainly lets giving first impression. Even the simplest business card website, also called as landing page, for a lawyer or legal expert with contact details may easily convert your visitor. And if you add, for instance, blog feature and post articles, then you will strengthen this impression and your online presence by attracting more and more users and prospective clients.

Conclusion. Full-featured website is needed, and we have prepared this collection, in which you may find the best website templates for a lawyer or legal expert, exactly for this purpose.

Reason #3. Website will serve as a base for your marketing actions.

Website shouldn’t be your only marketing tool. However, considering digital nature of current users, it may serve in place of a key component for general marketing strategy. One of the best strategies for lawyer and legal expert services promotion is using advertizing campaigns in Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct, where it is obligatory to indicate a website.

Conclusion. Website is obligatory for promotion of legal services online.

Reason #4. Your competitors are already online.

If this is the case, then they are 24/7/365 visible to potential clients. Lawyer website is a relatively cheap marketing tool you are equipped with. If your website is developed well and in a convenient way, it will certainly establish credibility. Using themes from our “Best WordPress Templates for a Lawyer and Legal Expert 2016” collection, you will easily inspire trust to the majority of present-day customers. When choosing templates, we underlined this in particular.

Conclusion. Our collection includes the best templates at the moment suited for a website of a lawyer, legal expert or law firm.

10+ Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes 2016

All Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes (ready or, as they call it, turn-key websites) are built using up-to-date web development and design technologies. They are optimized for mobile devices and SEO, so that you may be found in Google, Yandex and other search systems. All WordPress templates are easily set up and customized. All you need to do is fill them with your information and improve online presence with content marketing using blog feature, if you want it.

Trust — ready wordpress website for a lawyer or legal expert

Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes

Trust is a pure multi-purpose WordPress business template that is suited for a law firm, legal experts, legal advisers, lawyers and attorneys. In general, the template is suitable for coverage of any legal and financial activities, for example, accounting, advisory and consulting services.

Trust includes necessary functions for a law firm’s website: About the website, Reviews, Clients, Questions and Answers, Gallery and over 120 amazing blocks and options. This theme will easily meet all your needs.

Theme Preview / Download

Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office – responsive theme for a legal expert website

Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes 2016

Lawyers Attorneys Legal Office is a WordPress theme created for legal advisers, legal offices, legal experts, lawyers and other legal and law enforcement services. It is suitable for any kind of legal and financial specialists: accountants, advisers, etc.

The theme has versatile design and is suited both for users with no programming skills and experienced developers.

Theme Preview / Download

JUSTICE — WordPress theme for a legal expert

Justice, Legal Expert WordPress Themes

Justice is a WordPress theme for a lawyer, legal adviser, attorney, etc. It is an ideal solution for a website both for a private lawyer and big office.

Your website will be ready to install and setup in a minute. The theme is completely responsive and is suited for mobile devices. Abundance of layout colours and options is a powerful tool of this theme. 600 Google fonts will make clients happy. Strong short codes and default settings make this theme easy to use.

Theme Preview / Download

Lawyer Base — WordPress-based lawyer theme

Modern Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes

Lawyer Base is a neat responsive WordPress template specifically for a law firm, legal counsels, lawyers, consulting and financial services, legal advisers, etc. This template may be also used for a corporate-wide website.

Lawyer Base is delivered with features needed for a law firm’s website. For instance, this allows creating lawyers’ profiles. This theme also supports the most popular e-commerce plug-in, WooCommerce. Moreover, this theme supports WMPL plug-in, which allows creating a multi-language website.

Theme Preview / Download

LegalPress — lawful WordPress theme

LegalPress — lawful WordPress theme

We introduce LegalPress, the best premium WordPress theme for legal experts, law firms, law offices, lawyers, counsels, advisers and financial firms.

LegalPress is amazingly easy to set up and use. The theme will allow you to create an attractive website and focus on the most important, your clients. LegalPress is ideal for a WordPress website for your firm – see it for yourself!

Theme Preview / Download

GoodLaw — lawyers and legal experts theme on WordPress

GoodLaw — lawyers and legal experts theme on WordPress

Goodlaw is a WordPress theme that has a strong design and is suited well for companies working in the legal and financial fields, for small legal firms, legal advisers and private legal experts.

The theme features easy navigation, convenient list of lawyers, fantastic user layouts and plug-in for sorting content by date. There is no need in speaking of the useful short codes, easy-to-use media content manager and Visual Composer. All this enables getting powerful corporate website for your legal practice.

Theme Preview / Download

eDefender – WordPress theme for legal practice

eDefender – WordPress theme for legal practice

Defender is a multi-purpose template designed for law firms, lawyers, legal experts, accountants and other specialists working in different areas of activities, like stylist, doctor, trainer, mentor, teacher, personal trainer, adviser, contractor, carpenter, construction worker, etc.

Theme Preview / Download

Equity – Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes

Best Lawyer and Legal Expert WordPress Themes

Equity is a legal WordPress template that has an attractive and insightful design, and is ideal for a legal website of any kind, either for business, or for a person. The template is 100% adaptive and looks amazingly on all mobile devices.

Theme Preview / Download

Dejure — responsive WordPress theme for a law firm

Dejure — responsive WordPress theme for a law firm

Dejure is a professional WordPress theme for a law firm, lawyers and other law experts. You may easily create modern and professional website with powerful features, such as full-screen page and many more.

Dejure also gives you flexibility to make any page of portfolio or blog beautiful and creative. Make a truly unique website with Dejure.

Theme Preview / Download

Law Office — Best WordPress Templates for a Lawyer and Legal Expert

Law Office — Best WordPress Templates for a Lawyer and Legal Expert

Law Office is a WordPress template, which is an ideal solution for legal advisers, law offices, legal experts, lawyers, counsels and other kinds of legal services. It is a completely responsive mobile template with powerful capabilities that supports WooCommerce, Visual Composer and foreign languages.

Theme Preview / Download

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