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Main Trends in e-Commerce Websites Design 2016

In this article we would like to review three Main Trends in e-Commerce Websites Design 2016. You may use these for your online shop to remain, as they say, in trend. We will examine design through the example of WordPress templates.

The idea of posting this article came to us as we every day analyze and introduce innovations and trends in the area of WordPress templates (themes) design.

In fact, tendency reflects something that people really like at the moment, design that hence gives confidence in making any actions on your website, makes your products or services more appealing to a prospective client.

Before making any decisions in design area, one should think over two important questions.

What is your target market? Some trends may be attractive for certain people and annoying for others. Make sure you really know what your target audience exactly wants. Decide how you can use design to make your shop suitable for these people.

Do you want your brand to be in trend or establish these trends? By being in stark contrast to others and doing something daring, you put yourself at risk. However, you may be strongly rewarded for that, if people will appreciate what you offer.

Let’s now have a look at the trends, see which templates design start growing in popularity in 2015 and will remain popular in 2016.

Main trends in e-commerce websites design 2016

  1. Using of knolling – arrangement of products on web-pages

Main trends in e-commerce websites design 2016

Literally, knolling means arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles.

Even if you haven’t ever heard this word before, you are already familiar with this trend. Seriously, it’s now everywhere. Instagram is an instigator of this trend. In other words, it may be named as a creative grid presentation of the goods.

Look at the usage example of goods arrangement on SINK store built on WordPress.

 e-commerce websites design

Also note that Material Design elements, which are also in trend now, are used in this WordPress theme.

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  1. Use photography magic or learn how to do magic using photography

One of the most complicated and main tasks is to achieve creativity and originality of your products photos that would emphasize your style well.

Main trends in e-commerce websites design 2016

We have chosen the main page of one of the latest and edgy WordPress WooCoomerce templates as an example. Maybe it’s not really perfect, but anyway, just tell me what reaction does such presentation cause in you? You want to click, have a look or touch, saying to yourself what these cool goods are, don’t you?

It’s very important to induce a pleasant reaction in your target audience on the psychological level. Ask ten people if the photos on your website cause any pleasant sensation. If the answers are slack, uncertain and mostly negative, then you ought to seriously think of and set yourself up for making changes in the style of your website.

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  1. The minimal trend in design of product web-pages still remains in the forefront

Minimalism doesn’t suit everyone, but experience has proven that minimal trend is not decaying due to provision of good focus on product and positive impact on conversion.minimal trend in design of product web-pages


Think to yourself which associations does minimalism trigger in general? Purity, simplicity, health, right? All this results in less stress and increases self-confidence. People like this, which means that this trend will remain one of the significant ones in the most gaining segment of the global market – Internet.

We have examined several design trends. Now you know them, so it is the right time to take them into account when developing your e-shop.

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Tell us in the comments below about the other WordPress e-commerce templates illustrating the trends in e-commerce websites design, which sound like important and edgy to you.

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