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Premium Fitness WordPress Themes For Sports

If you manage a sport or a fitness club and you are on the lookout of a ready-to-launch website, then you may want to take a look at the following premium fitness WordPress for sports in 2015. With all the prominent features and design specifications, these  premium WordPress themes can perfectly suit your sports or fitness club. You can check out the demo versions of each theme to see which one meets your specific needs and requirements.

1. In Shape – Fitness WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes

InShape – Fitness WordPress theme for you if you are a personal trainer, fitness aficionado or you run a sport gym. This theme is designed in a way that it helps everybody shed those extra pounds and be slim.

The special Workout module of the theme allows you to include programs by level, intensity, muscled worked, and workouts days, for instance. Of course, the theme includes a calendar as well.

Besides, being a fitness theme, the workout module allows you to add in your regular activities. You can add fitness snapshots of your body parts that you worked as well as the workout goals. This is a great wordpress theme optimized for SEO.


2. Fitness Zone WordPress theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-002

Fitness Zone is another great WordPress theme designed specially for personal trainers, fitness centers, sport clubs and gyms. It’s 100% responsive design looks stunning on both tablets and mobile phones. To customize the theme, you can use its built-in drag and drop page builder.

The Skins of the site are effective with modules and Mega Menu that can be edited with ease. Other features of the site that stand it out from the crowd include Sticky Navigation, blog page, filterable portfolio, responsive short-codes and contact form with a map. Do try out this theme.


3. Symetrio Multisport Gym Fitness theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-003

Symetrio Multisport gym fitness theme is targeted at fitness industry. In the design of the theme, fitness club manager, sports lovers and their clients played a great role. The theme comes with a integrated payment system through PayPal.

The buyers of the theme include gym owners, fitness club managers, personal trainers, and health centers just to name a few. The great thing about the theme is that it is best for various sport activities, such as Martial arts, Crossfit, Boxing classes, Dance schools and Marathon events.

The whole layout of the theme is customizable, meaning you can change the color of almost all the elements of the theme with the color pickers. Even if you have absolutely no programming skills, you can use the customize features of the theme.


4. GYM – Sport Fitness Bootstrap Responsive Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-004

GYM, as the name suggests, is a Gym Fitness WordPress theme. It is aimed at sport events, personal trainers and sports companies.

As far as usability and the ability to customize is concerned, the theme is excellent. Its premium plugins like Page Builder, Slider for WordPress Revolutions and WPML are added allowing you to save around $200.

Of course, the layout of the theme is responsive and looks fantastic on both mobile phones and tablet PCs.

The Theme contains blog page with comments, filterable portfolio with details page, responsive timetable page, classes based on accordion page and contact page with map of location and working contact form.

This theme is ideal for gyms, fitness clubs, health centers, personal trainers and health and sports related businesses, and can also be used for sites involving sports activities, such as Marathon, dance school, boxing classes and martial arts, to name a few. The theme is popular for its usability, performance, and features, such as widgets, shortcodes, opening hours, classes and schedule/timetables.


5. Fitness Sport Gym Responsive Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-005

As an alternative to other themes mentioned above, Fitness Sport Gym Responsive Theme is the best. This WordPress theme features purpose-oriented design and is best for sport clubs, gyms, health clubs, personal trainers, fitness centers and other sports activities.

If you are a starter and have no programming skills at all, you can go for this WordPress theme as it doesn’t require you to be a programmer. So, no matter whether you are a personal trainer or a fitness club manager, you can buy this theme for your website.


6. Aegon – Responsive Gym/Fitness Club WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-006


Aegon is the today’s fitness club WordPress theme, which is best for gyms as well. No matter what type of market you want to target, you can customize this theme accordingly. Its design is completely responsive looking great on mobile devices.

Gyms and fitness centers have specific requirement when it comes to making a website, and Aegon contains all the required features. For instance, if you want to change the outlook of this theme, all you have to do is use its built-in customize feature. Besides, it has some wonderful features, such as amazing options panel, Google fonts compatibility, numerous colors and a booking system, to name a few. This WordPress theme is a perfect package for you.


7. Athlete Fitness Gym and Sports Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-007

This WordPress theme comes with two versions. You can go for a one-page version or a multiple pages version based on your needs. This theme has a responsive layout for better support for mobile phones and tabs. Besides, the theme is designed in a way that it loads much faster than other websites.

What makes this website stand out of the crowd is its amazing features, such as support for over 600 Google fonts, Bootstrap, sticky header, parallax sections, smooth CSS3 animation, numerous colors, live customizer and so on. Apart from this, the theme comes with an advanced parallax background plugin and the ability to import simple data.


8. FitPro – Events Fitness Gym Sports WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-008

There are many fitness gym themes out there, but FitPro is probably one of the best fitness gym WordPress themes today. It is a customized theme for gyms, sports/fitness clubs and other relevant businesses. The designers of this theme kept the design requirements of various gym sites, fitness/health clubs to make this WordPress theme as beneficial as possible.

Apart from gym and fitness clubs, you can use this theme for a beauty salon, beauty club, and law firm.

A great feature of this WordPress theme is its two powerful plugins: The Event Calender and WooCommerce.


9. Built For Fitness, Exercise and Health Enthusiasts (The theme is used by me, STRONGLY RECOMENDED)

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-009

Justfit is another marvelous sport and gym WordPress theme with flat design. The theme is responsive on both cell phones and tablet PCs. This theme is for you should you look for the best WordPress theme for your sports club, fitness center or eCommerce store.

As far as usability is concerned, the theme works great for gyms, fitness clubs, health centers and other types of sport activities like dance school, Marathon events, and crossfit to  name a few.

Besides, this WordPress theme is best for sport clubs, bodybuilding sites, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, cricket, rugby, baseball, basketball and football. Adding the WooCommerce, the theme is ready now for online shops and stores.


10. Fit+ Multipurpose Sports WordPress Theme

Fitness WordPress Themes -2015-may-30-010

The latest Fit+ WordPress theme is very good at expressing spirit, motion and power of sport. On the landing page of the theme you can see the full-screen image slider, which adds a dynamic touch to the layout of the theme.

Fit is a WordPress theme targeted at fitness centers, sport clubs, sports news sites and other sites where the most important features are design and performance. From design and functionality perspectives, this theme is arguably the best one.

Apart from functionality and design, this WordPress theme runs circles around other similar themes in terms of flexibility, speed and potential. The layout of the theme contains full-screen slider with a navigation panel and  a powerful, interactive drop-down menu on the landing page. However, the theme has much more to offer. You can customize the theme as much as you want until you are totally satisfied.

With the Theme Options Panel, you can change a number of elements of the theme, such as sidebars, contacts, socials, fonts and color options. Besides, the integrated GT3 plug-in can make your work easier with icon box, toggle, accordion, blog posts, portfolio, promo text, gallery, tabs, video, message boxes, testimonials, progress bars and so on.

This WordPress theme can be used for a variety of web projects, such as a business, portfolio or sport website.

Thus, this was a description of fresh Premium Fitness WordPress Themes For Sports. If you are going to a start a gym, fitness or sport website, we highly recommend you to check out the demo versions of these themes and pick the one that meets your needs. What are you waiting for? Go check out these sites now!

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