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How to prepare compelling content

How to prepare compelling content? Copywriting should sell, that’s why the texts that copywriters prepare should be convincing.

Should your text be laconic? Yes. Should it be plain too? Sure. Text should be brief and easy, so that it may be read and understood by anyone. Even the clearest text won’t have any value, if it doesn’t compel those who read it to act.

That’s what should exciting content do. It should attract the attention of your core audience by disclosing a disturbing problem and providing solution with exact call to action.

If you only need to write clear and understandable content, you may easily learn it by constantly practicing. Just follow recommendations and always use them. But if you wish to write compelling copy, you should dig to find some information and use your critical reasoning even harder.

So, let’s begin.

How to prepare compelling content – 7 advices on writing copy that sells

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Before you start writing your next email to your clients or preparing text for a landing page, use some of the recommendation we will give you in this article. You will have to spend quite a lot of time and effort. But these efforts won’t be wasted, if you will understand how to prepare your text to ensure the best results.

1) Find out everything about your potential customer

Experienced fishermen use different bait depending on the fish they wish to catch. They know that bass bites at earthworms, while carp is attracted to corn. They also change their fishing technique depending on the time of the day and year, as well as water conditions. They gather as much information about the fish and its environment as possible to attract and hook it.

Marketing experts use the same principles. They try to find everything about their would-be customers before creating and addressing the message to them. It allows underlining the exact benefits, which would solve painful problems. This makes your offer even more catching for a certain audience.

To identify the pressing issues of your potential buyer, you need to answer a few questions first. These questions are related to his personality, company and position. It also touches his challenges and goals. Basically you need to create your buyer’s profile. In the end you will have a lot of priceless information that you may use to advert his attention and call to action.

2) Use exclusivity principle

If you wish to heighten your clients’ interest, make them feel special. Tell them that they have been thoroughly selected to get this offer. Make them stand out from the crowd. Let them feel valuable. People love that.

Self-appraisal is so close to a top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is how crucial is the sense of self-worth to all people. Marketers have been using this principle for years.

There are lots of examples. For instance, Google used this principle to make a fuss by launching Google+ beta and offering only some of the selected users to sign up. Google marketers only wanted to cause desire out of the blue that would be compelling. And they managed to succeed. Psychology has done a good job in this regard.

3) Add emotionality to your copy

In the context of conversion, your product’s features and benefits are only important up to a definite point. It’s because they invoke logical thinking, while sales are not driven by logic. They are based on emotions. This explains why good commercials makes us want to cry or smile.

As an example we will tell you about Dove and one if its campaigns. It was so massive that it became viral long before this word even became popular. “You are not defined by your makeup”. That’s how the catchphrase of this campaign sounded. The campaign has lasted for ten years and has got response from millions of women, who started feeling more confident using this motto.

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This has invoked myriad of emotions. These emotions made Dove campaign so successful. Even if they couldn’t force people to buy Dove products, they were able to create absolutely new public view, which is an individual achievement.

4) Use analogies and metaphors

Intricate or boring text will hardly be compelling. People just pay almost no attention to the things they consider unimportant. In fact, the majority of things in our life come down to their value. This is a driving force of a human being. That’s why your task as a copywriter is to define the value of something you want to sell and formulate it using clear and persuasive words.

The last one is often the hardest. If you are a green copywriter, this may seem even impossible. This is where analogies and metaphors may come into play. They allow having an extended look at the ideas.

Take, for instance, a renowned metaphorical “Connecting People” slogan by Nokia. They used two completely different ideas to create a certain image. You may use it in your texts too. If your comparison is justified, it will allow your reader to feel why your offer is so special. It will probably work out very well for you.

5) Don’t use weasel words

These are the words that have a deniable character. Politics like to use them when they want to avoid answering a question directly. Copywriters also use them very often when the product is not so potent. Now let’s analyze couple of phrases that contain weasel words.

  • Critics claim that this product will be successful.” (No one knows who these critics are and why do they think so).
  • It is well-known that this award-winning …” (Who knows that and what kind of award is this?).

The name of these words comes from a weasel. This is because of the way how this animal eats its eggs. It makes a tiny hole and sucks everything out of it, leaving it untouched at first view. However, it is empty inside.

Do you want your content to be so uncertain? Suppose not. Then try to avoid these filler words, and your text will be much more persuasive and marketing.

6) Use urgency factor

The more lax and comfy we feel physically, the less we want to move or do something. Few wishes to have a rest on a soft sofa, open a bottle of beer and wait patiently to get up and start doing something important. No one likes to move when he is feeling at ease.

The same goes for those who are in comfortable spirits. If, after reading your text, a reader will think that he may consider your offer whenever he wants, because it’s not limited in time, he will always put off his decision. He is going to look for alternatives and think of all the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. As a result, you will talk them out of your offer.

That is the reason why you need to create certain urgency. Set the deadline using time-significant phrases. You may also point out that the product is limited or that only few places are left. This is a shortage factor, which may be useful.

No matter how strange it sounds, the sense is to make your clients feel unrestful. The more they feel excited, the more it is possible that you compel them to act.

7) Prepare your call to action with much attention to details

If you want a vegetarian meal, just ask. If you want to get a change with certain coins, once again ask. If you love someone so much, that you feel like you want to spend the whole life with them, just tell them about it. Probably they will say yes.

Whenever you do or wherever you are – if you want something, just ask. Copywriting is similar in this context. That’s why call to action is one of the most convincing parts of your text given that it is thoroughly prepared.

Don’t use trite and primitive phrases. Try to make your call as straight and persuasive as possible. It’s important to play along with your clients. The phrase that it’s better to use really depends on the people you are talking to.

Do I need to compel everyone?

No, you don’t. This should not bother you, at least for now. The same as any craft, copywriting always needs experience. Make mistakes – it’s only natural. In this way you will always improve yourself.

Preparing effective and attracting content is not an easy task. That’s why prepared these advices. They are here to help you with this issue. So just use them and in time you will be able to convince more and more people. One day these methods will become one of your skills that will stay with you forever.

What tricks for creating a compelling copy do you use? We would be delighted to listen to your opinion, so share it with us in comments.

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