Good Method to Increase the Number of Subscribers to Blog

It is very easy to find out e-mail addresses of users in order to increase the number of subscribers to blog! This is true that we all seek to boost the development of our websites. In addition, for best results we need a good traffic from social networks (in our article we tell how to achieve this), and we can make it for sure. There is no need in a lot of effort if you use WordPress, just a couple of clicks and you’re done!

How to increase the number of subscribers to blog

How to increase the number of subscribers to blog

Many surveys have been done to show the advantages of e-mailing. It is conclusively proven that this is the most effective way to develop a website by increasing the users’ base. Many internet marketing gurus are positive that e-mailing is one of the best tools for sales and content promotion.


I am describing my personal experience from my open heart. So, if you are not ready to spend $22 which will pay out many times, please do not waste your time on this article, use something else that will lead to disastrous results!

Well, for good and not greedy, I continue.

Opt-In Panda for WordPress Plug-in – this is the trump card that will close / block the content on a web page, hiding or blurring it, ask the visitor to enter his e-mail address / subscribe etc. to unlock all of the material or PART of the material (which is up to you).

In other words, it forces users to sign up right now in exchange for instant access to valuable information (e.g., downloads, discounts, videos, etc.).

Here is an interactive fragment showing how this plug-in works: after a visitor signs up and confirms his subscription through the mailbox, he can open the fragment of the post that you have blocked. If you need it, the language can be easily changed in the plug-in settings, voila!

What does this plug-in do?

Effectively and easily converts visitors into subscribers. Creates large mailing lists on MailChimp, Aweber, GetReponse and other sites that provide services for e-mailing. Sends out more letters and increases your income. Learns more about your visitors (name, profile).

How does this plug-in work?

It is very simple. The developers took care of everything for you, and you do not need any knowledge of programming.

All you need is to have “good fingers” for writing an original text, which will provoke a positive effect. This text will appear in the window that will block content.

So you politely ask readers to subscribe to your blog, as well as, if appropriate, tell them how they will benefit from your e-mailing.

After you write and format the text, you can insert a lock-formula into any article you want. If you know how to edit or write articles in WordPress, then it’s a piece of cake for you to insert the lock on the content or just part of it.

What can I say about a WordPress plug-in for increase of e-mail subscriptions?

It works perfectly, as it was designed and is supported by a remarkable group of developers called Onepress, successful programmers from Russia, they fight for the Themforest media market with their famous bunch of plug-in already bought by more than 7 thousand users. By the way, you may see the official stats and their ranking here, if you want to make sure yourselves.

Few developers in this field can boast of such results! Support is very fast, if I had a problem, they solved it very quickly (maximum within 24 hours) as regards all plug-ins that I used from these developers.

In conclusion, we make a brief FAQ containing the questions that I often heard from friends:

Question: Where can I download this plug-in, and how much does it cost?

Answer: The plug-in costs $22, and you can download it here:

Question: Can I hide any paragraph of a text by selecting it?

Answer: Yes you can, any element of the article, whether it’s a piece of text, photos, videos or files.

Question: Is the formula for inserting the same, can I get confused?

Answer: The same, of course, it is possible to create and insert other formulas, e.g. with different descriptions.

Question: Shall the blocked text annoy readers so that they stop coming to my website?

Answer: They say, if you listen to others, you won’t drive far. After the reader leaves his e-mail, the lock will NEVER be displayed to him. In order not to annoy visitors you can insert a lock-formula in every fifth article, that’s it.

 P.S. DO NOT SEND NEWSLETTERS EVERY DAY, once a week with the hottest posts would be enough, otherwise they will hate you, and there will be no positive effect from your e-mailing.

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