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Best Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone Review

Online earning is one of the most talking topics in the internet now! If you look around, you can see that hundreds and even thousands are making lots of money in the internet. There are plenty of ways to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them. Amazon affiliate is the best and world largest affiliate program in the open marketplace to make money easily. Amazon has a great conversion rates and 39,853 live websites using Amazon Associates to make money.

The theory of affiliate marketing is very simple and fun. Just refer visitors to a product or service and then get some commission when they purchase something. But without proper knowledge and instrument this simple task can be the hardest task for you and have to face a lot of problems when promoting Amazon product or service.

The good news, WordPress is Amazon friendly and world largest CMS platform. There are plenty of WordPress plugins in the marketplace that can help you to make a killer site to promote Amazon affiliate product. But most of them are not well worthy!

Best Amazon WordPress Plugin

In order to solve the problem AA-Team brings the best Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone. This is a bundle plugin that contains four plugins as bellow.

Woozone: This plugin is for WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates.

WooZone Contextual: This is an Amazon Advertising Plugin that can create contextual link to your affiliate product.

ADF: This plugin will find Amazon Discount product and display it in your WordPress site.

Kingdom: This is an Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme.

Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone is all in one plugin that should help you to make a killer site that can be your money machine! In this article I will show you Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone Review with pros and cons and in the end of this post you can observe some good and bad sides of this plugin.


Complete Package

Woocommerce WordPress Store

Automatically add affiliate links

You can find a Potential Product

No need to buy extra theme

Keep Updated Always

SEO Friendly


Makes your site slow

High Price

Complete Package

WooZone contains 3 main plugins and 1 theme that you must need to make a killer Amazon affiliate site. You need to buy a third party plugin and get all in one place with comfortable price. This is the complete package for them who want to make Amazon affiliate site.

Woocommerce WordPress Store

Want to sell own product or other product from the internet? No problem, WooZone allows you to build a great Woocommerce WordPress Store. Moreover, On Site Cart feature allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, and that means multiple commissions for you!

SEO Friendly

The most advantage side of WooZone is being SEO friendly. WooZone plugin takes all the data from Amazon available products and description along with title, price, tags etc. You have no need to write a single word, just import optimized product from Amazon and display in your site just in a click.

Automatically Add Affiliate Links

This is the most amazing side of Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone. WooZone Contextual automatically displays products that are relevant to your content and add affiliate link automatically into your content based on keywords. You also have the option to add the affiliate link manually in any keywords.

Find Potential Product

ADF – Amazon Discount Finder is the plugin that can find a potential product to multiply your profit and business. As the world largest internet store Amazon offers thousands of products, offers and discounts. So, it will be hard for you to find lowest possible prices, discounts, offers & coupons. Just install Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone, then relax and let do the task WooZone for you.

No Need to Buy Extra Theme

Theme or website template is very important elements of a site. Without proper theme and design you can’t bring your site spot light of crowd! By the way, Kingom is a premium theme built exclusive for Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone. With a lot of features Kingom is one of the best themes that allow you to easily build a web store and help selling anything from Amazon as an affiliate and product owner.

Makes Your Site Slow

As a link other bundle plugins WooZone also can make your site little slow. You may know too many uses of plugin which can increase site loading time that can create negative impact on SEO. I personally used WooZone and think this is not a problem.

High Price

Regular price of Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone is $65. I think it’s a big amount for the newbie and small business owners.

Author Review:

Best Amazon WordPress Plugin – There are numbers of plugin that allow you to build a great site to import products on Amazon and get them posted on your e-commerce store, WooZone is the best Plugin I have ever used! Though some people said $65 is a little high price for the small business owners, I think WooZone can help you to make a lot more.

How to start?

This step is very simple and fun! Just check out your WordPress version is above 4.0, then install latest WooCommerce WordPress Plugin, allow WooZone to access your Amazon account and finally setup Amazon affiliate account. Now insert product in your site and start making money!

Amazon WordPress Plugin Version Available Here

Hope this Amazon WordPress Plugin WooZone Review helped you to learn something new. If you want to make a smart income from Amazon affiliate program you must need to build a review site. WooZone is the must have plugin that can assist you in building an e-commerce store for an Amazon.

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