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10+ Best WordPress Plugins 2016

Throughout the year we are going to add the best proven WordPress plugins in the “10+ Best WordPress Plugins 2016” article.

Plugins for WordPress make this platform a powerful tool even for very large corporations. In our review I will show you plugins, which would help you increase traffic, number of followers, clients and even advertisers. We surely know that these are the main factors that lead to increase in website profits.

All WordPress plugins may be attentively familiarized with; in particular, one may look how they work via “Live preview”. They are in English, but that doesn’t mean that you might not use them in your language or for a website for Chinese speaking audience for example. After downloading, all the plug-ins may be adapted to your language, if you don’t understand English. But actually we advise you to start learning English bit by bit – it will come into play!

10+ Best Proven WordPress Plugins 2016:

Social Locker — a WordPress plugin from the team of premium developers

WordPress Plugins 2016

Social plug-in for WordPress allows blocking the entire text or its part. To unlock this content, one must click one of the buttons. Plug-in may be set in a way that visitor starts following a fan page or shares content. I have been using this plug-in for promotion of another blog and have written a detailed article about this plug-in, which you may read by following this link.

Theme Preview / Download

Premium wordpress plugin that gathers e-mail addresses for mailing list and converts the readers into subscribers

wordpress plugins

It is notorious that e-mail is the most powerful tool for conversion. We have prepared a review on this plug-in several months ago; you may read it here. For the record, the first and second plug-in in this review have been developed by the same group of  premium developers. If purchasing both, you will be able to synchronize them for better mutual work.

Theme Preview / Download

Premium social WordPress plugin for increase of presence and traffic in social networks

social WordPress plugins

This is the best WordPress plug-in for social networks that works flawlessly, adapts to any device and provides professional analytics. This WordPress plug-in has so many perks, so I decided to make a separate review for its detailed description. Also you may learn in greater detail about the plug-in by clicking “Learn more” and “Live preview”. I suggest you to analyze plug-in features and description attentively.

Theme Preview / Download

The finest WordPress plugin for managing promotion and advertisements on the website

WordPress plugins for managing advertisements

It is the most expensive and the best WordPress plugin for promotion and advertisements on the website in 2015, and it will surely remain such in 2016. It includes so many various features that it’s simply impossible not to use it for your website. Plugin even allows accepting orders and payment from advertisers and giving them access to advertising statistics.

Theme Preview / Download

Premium WordPress testimonials plugin

Premium WordPress review plugin

WordPress testimonials plugin includes review builder as a feature. It will help you in organizing design, storing and sorting of reviews. For this purpose you may use different testimonials designs and forms. It may be adapted virtually to any style of website that you can imagine.

Theme Preview / Download


To be continued. Leave your comments and stay in touch with us!

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