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Where Can I Buy New WordPress Templates or Themes 2015

In this topic I will tell you why you need to buy new WordPress templates, and where you can buy them, as well as give you a couple of good links to resources where I often buy new WordPress templates myself. Furthermore, I will give some hints why the pirates should be avoided.

If you want to buy a WordPress template, look at how often the authors update it, whether it corresponds to your version of WordPress or not. Look at the ratings; do not buy templates with ratings that are lower than 3.9 out of 5.

If you need to make a website in any language other than English, there is no need to pay anyone for translation of your desired theme … Install the plug-in and you will get it translated, you will need just a couple of phrases to translate: Back, Forward, Leave a comment. All these simple words… That is the whole translation!

Do not pay attention at the language of the template / theme; just buy WordPress templates from official publishers. Do not buy the same theme from your national pirates who could do something to the code of the site before you get the template, and then suddenly you will face a problem, not even knowing the cause… Besides, the pirates do not update themes and you will always be lagging behind and getting nervous: why I have no such a function, but they have … why this feature does not work with me… etc.

Where can I buy new WordPress templates

Where can I buy new WordPress templates or themes 2015


In 2015, an elite WordPress publisher appeared on the market and immediately became a favorite of mine; the company has a good offer for $180, which will allow you to use more than 30 premium WordPress templates. And if you are not happy with this offer, then you can just buy a theme for a standard market price!

Website of WordPress templates elite publishers www.themefuse.som is one of the leaders on the big media market, in the course of a couple of years they earned more than $1,000,000 on sales of templates. Satisfied customers contributed by the “word of mouth advertising” to their success. Well, I’m doing the same now as I am really pleased with these developers.

 Which WordPress templates can you buy on Themefuse?

On this site you will find a large range of WordPress themes on different subjects: WordPress themes for auto dealers, journalists, cooking, child care centers, organizations of various types, online shops, photographers, sports clubs, real estate agencies, travelers, artists, health and beauty and many more! It is worth spending some of your time on studying them! is also a good resource for choosing a WordPress theme, if you know how to make your choice. Nevertheless, I mentioned the most important tips above on how to choose WordPress templates.

So, for me these are the best sites when you are willing to buy new WordPress templates! I recommend them to you if you decided to update your existing blog, or if you are serious about creating a beautiful blog on WordPress!

I wish you success; leave comments if you have any questions!

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